The Authors Guild Board of Directors is called its Council, and is composed entirely of writers. They are nominated by a committee and then elected by the membership, which they serve by addressing the issues that most concern working writers.


W. Ralph Eubanks

Interim President

Mary Bly

Vice President

Peter Petre


Amy Bloom


Members of the Council

Rich Benjamin
Sarina Bowen
Christopher Castellani
Sylvia Day
Roxane Gay
Lauren Groff
Mira Jacob
Christina Baker Kline
Jaron Lanier
Victor LaValle - photo by Teddy Wolff
Victor LaValle
Min Jin Lee
Steven Levy
Kelly Starling Lyons
Courtney Maum
D.T. Max
Chris Pavone
Julia Sanches
Jaunique Sealey
James Shapiro
Stephen Hong Sohn
T.J. Stiles
Jia Tolentino
Danielle Trussoni
Rachel Vail
Nicholas Weinstock

Ex-officio* and Honorary Members of the Council

Roy Blount Jr.*
Barbara Taylor Bradford
Robert A. Caro*
Susan Cheever
Pat Cummings
James Gleick*
Erica Jong*
John R. MacArthur
Stephen Manes
Sidney Offit
Mary Pope Osborne*
Letty Cottin Pogrebin*
Douglas Preston*
Roxana Robinson*
Jean Strouse
Nick Taylor*
Scott Turow*

Advisory Council

Sherman Alexie
Judy Blume
Alexander Chee
Jennifer Egan
Louise Erdrich
Peter Gethers
Annette Gordon-Reed
Tayari Jones
Nicholas Lemann
CJ Lyons
Frederic Martini
Viet Thanh Nguyen
Daniel Okrent
Cathleen Schine
Hampton Sides
Jonathan Taplin
Monique Truong
Meg Wolitzer