Custom Email

Get a professional email address at your own domain with our GuildMail email platform.

Our email platform, GuildMail, allows you to send, receive, and store emails using a custom email address such as

A custom email address sends a strong message to your audience and business partners that you are a professional author and can help elevate your profile. It’s also an easy way to keep emails from your readers separate from your personal emails.

Each GuildMail account includes:

  • 10 GB of email storage
  • Modern webmail interface
  • The flexibility to use a desktop or mobile client to manage your email from anywhere
  • Features like spam filtering, vacation messaging, and other options that can clean up your inbox and make you more efficient

Do you have a website with us? Every website hosting subscription package through the Guild includes at least one personalized email address with 500 MB of storage. (Upgrade charges apply for the full 10 GB of storage.)

Don’t have a website with us? Authors Guild members can set up a custom email address for only $4 a month.

This service is not available with a student membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a website; can I still use AG email?
Yes, not to worry, we can get your domain name set up to work with our email platform.

I don’t have a domain name; can I still use this service?
Yes, we can help you register a personalized domain name such as and set up an email address. There is an additional $18 annual charge for domain name registrations. (Interested in a website too? Get in touch with us. All of our website hosting packages include at least one email address in the cost of hosting.)

I already have an email address, but I want to migrate to yours. Can I?
In most cases, the answer is yes. Email us and we’ll review your current set up and advise you whether switching is a good move for you.

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