The Authors Guild supports professional writers in Congress, in state legislatures, with publishers and publishing platforms, in courtrooms, and on the public stage.

We Exist to Support Working Writers

  • Defending Authors’ Copyrights

    Effective copyright protection is the linchpin of professional authorship because it enables authors to make a living writing.

  • Protecting Free Speech

    From our beginnings, we have worked to protect writers of all stripes and opinions from censorship, which takes many forms and arises even in a free society like ours.

  • Ensuring Fair Compensation Practices

    We advocate for fair contracts for all authors and fair payment terms for freelance writers and creators.

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Pillars of Our Mission

Learn where we stand on core issues affecting writers.


We are dedicated to preserving effective copyright protection so authors can make a living writing.

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Free Speech

We oppose all forms of censorship and support legislation protecting freedom of expression.

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Fair Contracts

We have worked to ensure fair contract terms between authors and publishers since our inception.

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Current Initiatives


We oppose industry monopolies and monopsonies and the pressure they put on authors’ incomes.

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Artificial Intelligence

New AI technologies necessitate legal and policy interventions that balance development of useful AI tools with protection of human authorship.

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Book Banning

Book banning obstructs the right to read and publish freely and makes it harder for professional writers to earn a living.

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Collective Bargaining

We support the right of authors, journalists, and other freelance creators to collectively demand better treatment and terms.

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Copyright Office

We are actively participating in the Copyright Office’s effort to modernize its registration processes.

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Open Library

The Internet Archive’s unauthorized copying and distribution of copyrighted books harms authors and enables piracy sites to do the same.

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We support comprehensive solutions to internet piracy that protect the creative marketplace without blocking digital innovation.

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