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In these turbulent times, it’s more important than ever that we support authors and independent bookstores and promote online buying alternatives to Amazon. Now there’s a great way to do it all at once., is a new a socially conscious way to buy books online. Most of the profits from book sales go to supporting local, independent bookstores. With over 400 stores benefiting from Bookshop, more than $68,000 has been raised for local bookstores.
Authors can become affiliates and earn 10% of every purchase made from their Bookshop sales, while a matching 10% will go to independent bookstores. It’s a win-win!
Becoming an affiliate is easy, and there are no set-up costs. You can sign up here.
You can also download their author brochure here for more information and step-by-step instructions. Download here
If you have any questions about the program, please send an email to
Oh, and one more thing. If you have a website, or if you’re on social media, make sure to share and promote Bookshop and your affiliate links. Don’t have a website? Please let us know, and we can help you set up a website right away. Just contact us here.