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A lively and urgent discussion with author William Deresiewicz about his latest book, The Death of the Artist: How Creators Are Struggling to Survive in the Age of Billionaires and Big Tech, in conversation with authors Josie BrownMin Jin Lee, and Roxana Robinson. This event examines the pressing issues facing authors, our work, and our livelihoods. 

The health of a society depends on the robustness and vibrancy of its literature and arts, which in turn relies on the ability of talented writers and artists to work at their art on a professional level. This event explores what it’s like for writers and artists today trying to cobble a living together and will invigorate and bolster us with the arguments we need to fight for our rights! 

About The Death of the Artist:
In the age of Big Tech and the gig economy, how can writers and artists survive? It’s never been easier to publish a book or make your art available to the public, but at the same time, the pay has never been lower. 

The Death of the Artist by William Deresiewicz is a portrait of artists in the digital age, of what it means to make art today, and of the specifics of being a ‘one-man band,’ essentially creating content, marketing, branding, and promoting alone all while crowdfunding, networking, and, quite likely, still working a 9-to-5 job.”