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Mining the Heart: How to Emotionally Connect with Readers with Kaitlyn Wells

Sunday, January 15, 2023


2:00 pm-5:00 pm Eastern


Are you ready to connect with your readers on a deeper level?

Every bestseller emotionally resonates with readers. But how can you transform your manuscript into a book everyone is talking about? Use Heart. That once unteachable writing skill is broken into digestible parts in this interactive session. During this session, you’ll examine works by picture book authors like Derrick Barnes, Beth Ferry, Meg Medina, and more. Why picture books? You can’t succeed at writing about emotions until you understand how to speak to the inner child in us all. Only then, can you transform your work into a visceral experience for all writing forms.

You’ll learn how to identify the emotional core of a story and how to ensure it beats alive on every page using the tried-and-true heart mapping method. Come prepared to use the entire emotional toolkit. And learn how to write so your work stays with readers long after that last page is turned. Tissues are encouraged.

This course covers:
-The value of a strong emotional hook
-How to find the emotional core of the story
-Different techniques for apply heart
-How to mine your own heart for emotional authenticity
-How to troubleshoot when you fail to find the heart (both within yourself and your manuscript)

Who should take this webinar:
-Picture book writers
-Picture book writers beginning the revision process, or looking for tips to get unstuck
-Writers of all genres wanting to improve their story’s emotional resonance