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Novelist Ellen Birkett Morris in Conversation with Lee Martin

Monday, March 25, 2024


7:00 pm-8:30 pm Eastern

Gramercy Books , 2424 E Main Street, Bexley, Ohio

Join novelist, poet, and essayist Ellen Birkett Morris, author of Beware the Tall Grass, in conversation with acclaimed writer and scholar Lee Martin. Morris’s novel explores family struggles within the drama of mid-sixties America.
The winner of the 2023 Donald L. Jordan Prize for Literary Excellence, Beware the Tall Grass weaves the stories of the Sloans, a modern family grappling with their young son Charlie’s troubling memories of a past life as a soldier in Vietnam, and Thomas Boone, a young man caught up in the drama of mid-sixties America who is sent to Vietnam. Eve Sloan is challenged as a mother to make sense of Charlie’s increasing references to war, and her attempts to get to the bottom of Charlie’s past life memories threaten her marriage, while Thomas struggles with loss and first love, before being thrust into combat and learning what matters most.
Beware the Tall Grass explores the power of love and mercy with grace and artful sensitivity in a world where circumstances often occur far beyond our control.