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Member Spotlight: Theresa Reed

author Theresa Reed and an image of her book The Cards You're Dealt

Why is writing important to you and why do you think it’s an important medium for the world? Writing is important to me because it gives me a voice in the world. It’s my way to express my authentic self, teach, and share information. The world needs writers because we create connection through our words. It doesn’t matter where you are – the thread of words unites us.

What are your tried and tested remedies to cure writer’s block? I find visual prompts are helpful. A gorgeous picture in a magazine, admiring flowers on a walk, or pulling a Tarot card: any of these help keep words flowing.

What is your favorite time to write? Afternoon, hands down. I do write at various times of the day because I have other responsibilities. But the afternoon tends to be the best. By then, my muses are fully awake and ready to get to work!

What’s the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever received and would like to impart to other writers? Don’t read the reviews. The bad ones make you doubt yourself, but the good ones can get you “high on your own supply.” When the latter happens, you get lazy. The neutral mindset is best, and that comes from doing the work and not getting hung up on other people’s opinions.

What excites you most about being a writer in today’s age? There are so many new voices, and thanks to the internet, I can discover them all!

Theresa Reed’s The Cards You’re Dealt: How to Deal When Life Gets Real is out now with ‎Weiser Books.