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UPDATE: Amazon Adds to KDP Generative AI Policy, Caps Daily Self-Publishing Uploads

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Earlier in September, we reported on Amazon’s new policy that makes artificial intelligence disclosures a requirement for those who post content to the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. Specifically, the disclosure relates to content that includes AI-generated text, images, or translations.

Since that reporting, Amazon has bolstered its policies by rolling out volume limits, which aim to stop abuse and cap the daily amount of electronic book self-publishing.

By adding to its evolving suite of safeguards against the flooding of AI-generated books on the platform, KDP has announced that it will limit the number of new books allowed to be published on the platform on any given day. KDP noted:

While we have not seen a spike in our publishing numbers, in order to help protect against abuse, we are lowering the volume limits we have in place on new title creations. Very few publishers will be impacted by this change and those who are will be notified and have the option to seek an exception.

At the time of KDP’s blog publication, KDP did not disclose a specific number; however, since then, many news publications reported that KDP had set in place a limitation of three new titles a day. KDP confirmed this number with us, adding that the number may be adjusted if necessary. Though limitations are not new to KDP, the exact number has not been previously disclosed.

With this move, KDP has reiterated its commitment to the interests of all those potentially affected by the uninhibited deployment of generative AI content on the platform—including authors, publishers, and readers—and has tangibly taken into account the ongoing dialogue between Amazon and the Authors Guild.

The Authors Guild remains steadfast in its push for transparency and accountability around generative AI technologies impacting writers.

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