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Authors Guild Helps Members Go Entrepreneurial with Launch of Writers Marketplace

Online service helps those seeking freelance writing, publishing and book marketing services providers while offering Guild members the opportunity to earn additional income

New York (May 4, 2021): The Authors Guild, the nation’s oldest and largest professional organization for published authors, introduces Writers Marketplace, a free online service for members to market their writing- and publishing-related services to the general public.

Conceived as a benefit for members to help them earn additional income and boost their visibility as writers for hire, ghostwriters, editors, translators, agents, publicists, books coaches, book and web designers, beta readers and media lawyers, the Authors Guild Writers Marketplace provides a one-stop shop for authors, publishers and others seeking experienced freelance creatives to help them with any aspect of creating, marketing or distributing a book or other content-driven project.

“Given the increasing difficulty to make a living solely from authoring books (just 21 percent of full-time published authors derive 100 percent of their income from book-related activities, according to our 2018 author income survey), most writers take on additional work to pay the bills and supplement their book earnings,” said Mary Rasenberger, CEO of the Authors Guild. “Hosting a free marketplace where our members can promote their skills and services not only helps them earn a sustainable income, but also benefits authors, publishers and other types of businesses by helping them find trusted, skilled professionals to provide the assistance they need. Writers Marketplace is a win-win service for all parties involved.”

Though anyone can utilize the services offered on Writers Marketplace, to ensure that only true professionals are listed and to keep it scam free, only Authors Guild members may market their services there.

Rasenberger added “Today’s author is expected to do so much more than write a book. Those who choose to self-publish take on all aspects of bringing a manuscript to fruition. But even traditionally published authors today find they must do more than write the manuscript. Many publishers no longer do full edits, and even copyediting is often cursory; unless the publisher anticipates an author’s book to be a best seller, the onus of most, if not all, of the marketing falls on the author. Both self-published and traditionally published authors find that it makes more sense to outsource certain tasks to someone who specializes in them than try to do them themselves. Certainly, every writer could use another set of eyes on their manuscript. The Writers Marketplace helps them connect with each other to provide their areas of expertise.”

Members interested in listing their services in the Writers Marketplace can do so here. Interested agents, publicists, book coaches, lawyers and other non-author publishing professionals can join the Guild as members-at-large to be listed in Writers Marketplace, and also benefit from the many other services and programs we offer.

Those wishing to browse free Marketplace listings can do so here.

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