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Authors Registry Passes $5 Million Milestone

The Authors Registry, the not-for-profit organization founded by the Authors Guild and others in 1995, has now distributed more than $5.2 million to authors. The Registry has paid more than $1 million to authors this year alone, a record for the organization. Most of the fees and royalties the Registry distributes are from foreign rights societies, principally the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society in London, Kopinor, the Norwegian photocopy rights administrator, and from LIRA, an authors’ rights organization in The Netherlands. The Registry has distributed payments, ranging from as little as $10 to several thousand dollars, to thousands of authors. The Registry retains a 5% commission from payments to authors in order to recoup some of its operating costs.

For more information on the Authors Registry, including a list of 300 authors the Registry has been unable to reach for whom the Registry is holding more than $100,000, please visit its website at