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Guild Joins Letter Cautioning USTR Against Relaxing NAFTA’S IP Protections

The Authors Guild joined thirty-five other creative industry organizations in a letter to the Office of the United States Trade Representative, urging the USTR to maintain pro-IP-protections “that promote American creators and innovators and U.S. economic strength, in the modernization of NAFTA.” The letter was written in response to calls from anti-IP interests for greater immunities and expanded safe harbors from liability for copyright infringement. Our joint letter emphasizes the critical role NAFTA plays in giving American creators a competitive advantage in the global digital marketplace by protecting their intellectual property. We also caution the United States Trade Representative against the “new business models” championed by anti-IP interests, which essentially turn intellectual property theft into profits for their proponents at the expense of creators and innovators. The complete draft of the letter can be accessed below.

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