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Guild’s Letter to Publishers Calls for Real Change to Book Contracts

When we announced the Authors Guild Fair Contract Initiative in May 2015, our hope was to start a conversation within the industry about antiquated and unfair clauses in “standard” book contracts. That conversation has begun, and now it’s time to see some change, so we are opening up a dialog directly with publishers and agents.

To that end, we’re sending an open letter to U.S. publishers—namely those who are members of the Association of American Publishers. The letter, which will be sent individually to publishers large and small, recounts the key themes of our initiative and informs publishers that in the coming months we’ll be seeking individual meetings with them. The letter has garnered the support and signatures of 26 creators’ organizations from around the globe, some of which will be circulating their own letters asking for similar changes in their home countries.

Read the full letter below.

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