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April 24, the first day of National Library Week, marked one year since the launch of Unite Against Book Bans, a national campaign led by the American Library Association. The Authors Guild is proud to be a leading partner of this important initiative.

Unite Against Book Bans supports local anticensorship efforts across the country. Together, we recently mobilized opposition to SB7 in Louisiana, which attempted to mandate tiered library cards throughout the state, and invited supporters in New Hampshire to attend a rally for the right to read following attempts to relocate a developmentally appropriate book from the children’s room in the Conway Village library.

Unite Against Book Bans has prepared an Action Toolkit to help empower readers and writers everywhere to stand together in the fight against censorship, and once you sign up, you’ll receive alerts about anticensorship efforts in your area. We urge you to join the campaign now and stand against censorship in your own community.