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Jung Biographer Stands Firm, Wins

This past summer, heirs of Carl Jung pressed Knaus Verlag, a German imprint of Random House, to insert two pages of the family’s “corrections” to the text of the German language edition of a biography of the founder of analytical psychology (published as “Jung: A Biography” by Little, Brown in the U.S.). At least one account, published in the New York Times on September 29, erroneously reported that the heirs had succeeded in their attack on the book’s text. They hadn’t.

Authors Guild attorney Anita Fore helped guide Ms. Bair to successfully persuade Knaus Verlag to publish the text without amendment by Jung’s heirs. The book was published last week. Read all about it in the International Herald Tribune. Here’s the Herald Tribune’s story from August 3rd about the family’s attempt to alter the book.