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In this week’s edition: Book bans are expected to play a big part in 2024 election campaigns; an interactive map measures attacks on books in each state; how to protect your local library; fake books are a real new home décor trend; your guide to popular book slang; and more.

Biden’s Team is Leaning into This Culture War Staple
President Biden’s team has made book banning a central issue early in his reelection campaign.“You’ll see Democrats up and down the ticket running on this,” said one pollster who tests the political potency of issues for the party.

How Many Book Bans Were Attempted in Your State? Use This Map to Find Out.

This interactive map, created by the American Library Association, shows how many books were challenged in each state and which titles were challenged most often. Where does your state fall?

The Fight for the American Public Library
Bloomberg News
How to protect your local library from book ban campaigns.

EU Proposes New Copyright Rules for Generative AI
Proposed regulations for generative AI tools like ChatGPT would require the companies making them to disclose any copyrighted material used in their development.

Starting Salaries at Big Publishers Grow
Publishers Weekly
As of April 1, entry-level employees in New York City at the Big Five trade publishers and Scholastic made an average of $47,583, PW reports.

Religion Publishers Face Up to DEI Challenges
Publishers Weekly
Executives from several religion and spirituality publishers acknowledge challenges and stalled hiring efforts, but are determined to push ahead.

Fake Books Are a Real Home Décor Trend
The New York Times
They are not just for film sets anymore. Fake books are becoming common fixtures in people’s homes.

Your Guide to 33 Useful Book Terms and Acronyms
Reader’s Digest
Does book slang have you scratching your head? Brush up on some terms, puns, and acronyms you may be seeing in reviews on BookTok or Goodreads.

Definitive Proof That Publishing Your Novel Won’t Make Your Happy
Literary Hub

Published authors set the record straight for those unpublished authors who may imagine that publication will solve all of their problems.