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In this week’s edition: A new buyer for Simon & Schuster, why readers should care about the writers strike, Americans are concerned about AI, and more.

KKR Wins S&S for $1.62 Billion
Publishers Weekly
KKR, a private investment firm, has agreed to purchase Simon & Schuster, with industry stakeholders expressing mixed feelings about the acquisition’s potential impacts on the publishing industry.

#WGAstrong: Why Readers Should Care About the Writers Strike
The Daily Beast
The Writers Guild of America’s strike passed its 100th day, continuing their demands for things that ultimately shape our cultural narratives and entertainment choices.

Virginia’s Book Ban Law Will No Longer Explicitly Target Homosexuality
LGBTQ Nation
Critics of the original law said reducing homosexuality to just “sexual behavior” is outdated and belittling.

Google says AI systems should be able to mine publishers’ work unless companies opt out
The Guardian
The tech giant proposes that AI systems should be allowed to access online content unless publishers opt out, a stance that critics argue could undermine copyright laws and disproportionately impact smaller creators.

Majority of Americans Are Concerned About Rapidly Developing AI: Poll
The Hill
In a survey of 1,001 registered voters in the United States, 62 percent of respondents said they were mostly or somewhat concerned about growth in AI.

Why We Need Indigenous Languages in Children’s Books
Book Riot
The rapid decline of Indigenous languages, rich in history and culture, highlights the urgency for preservation. Children’s books are seen as an essential tool for revitalization and cultural empowerment.