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In this week’s edition: AI and copyright, a new publisher highlights queer writing, a Georgia county removes two books from school libraries, and more.

AI Cannot Hold Copyright, Federal Judge Rules
The ruling left open the broader issue of copyright for AI-generated artworks, particularly the extent of human involvement required to deem the user as the “author” of such works, indicating evolving challenges in copyright as artists increasingly utilize AI.

Michelle Tea Launches Dopamine Books
Publishers Weekly
This Los Angeles-based publisher will publish queer authors and highlight queer writing with plans to publish four titles per year, open to all genres. 

Georgia School District Is Banning Books, Citing Sexual Content, After Firing a Teacher
AP News
Georgia’s second-largest school district in Cobb County has pulled two books from 20 of its libraries due to “highly inappropriate, sexually explicit content,” just days after a 4-3 decision by the school board to dismiss a teacher for introducing a book on gender identity to fifth graders.

“Very Wonderful, Very Toxic”: How AI Became the Culture War’s New Frontier
The Guardian
An “anti-woke AI” campaign is putting pressure on AI companies to appear politically neutral.

The New York Times Blocks OpenAI’s Web Crawler
The Verge
The newspaper has made it so OpenAI can’t use content from the publication to train its AI models.