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In this week’s edition: Poetry written by a “scary” AI model, a breakdown of AI policies under consideration by the U.S. government, fighting book bans locally, the judgment phase of the Internet Archive trial nears, and more.

This Book of Poetry Written by AI Should Scare the Hell Out of You
The Daily Beast
While many perceive ChatGPT to be limited in its creative prowess, another OpenAI model called code-davinci-002 has showcased significant creativity, impressed vetted poets, and serves as a warning for some about the true potential of AI.

The AI Rules that U.S. Policymakers Are Considering, Explained
In July, the White House secured safety commitments from top AI companies, ensuring both internal and third-party testing to protect AI products from cyberattacks and misuse. Here’s a breakdown of all the AI policies under consideration in Washington.

Authors Like Me Are Fighting the Book-Ban Zealots. We Need Help.
Mother Jones
Lawsuits might eventually end individual cases of unconstitutional censorship, but activism at school board meetings and statehouses are key to amplifying voices against book bans.

Judgment Phase of Internet Archive Copyright Case Appears Imminent
Publishers Weekly
The Internet Archive still intends to challenge the ruling that found it liable for copyright infringement.

Europe: A New Residence Map Pinpoints Opportunities for Translators
Publishing Perspectives
Translators interested in currently available residencies can check a page by the European Network of International Centers of Literary Translators (RECIT) for programs with application information in Zagreb, Bucharest, Montenegro, England’s National Centre for Writing, the “Culture Moves Europe” program, and more.