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In this week’s addition: Reading for pleasure in a tech-focused world, 13 libraries destroyed in Gaza, the restoration of Yu & Me Books, the impact of Gertrude Stein, and more.

Against Disruption: On the Bulletpointization of Books
Lit Hub
In this tech-focused world, reading has been construed as a commodity aimed at delivering answers, rather than nurturing enjoyment.

A Bill in Virginia Would Ban Book Bans by School Boards
Book Riot
The Virginia Senate proposed a bill that would limit the ability of school board to restrict literature.

How Chinatown’s Yu & Me Books Rose from the Ashes
Publishers Weekly
An interview with Lucy Yu, owner of Yu & Me Books in lower Manhattan, about her determination to reopen after a devastating fire.

Israel has damaged or destroyed at least 13 libraries in Gaza.
Lit Hub
Details on the devastation of Gaza’s libraries. 

A Poet Is a Poet Is a Poet: Ed Simon on the Significance of Gertrude Stein’s Subversive Poems
Lit Hub
The life and success of queer modernist poet Gertrude Stein.

9 Novels to Read if You Loved “Saltburn”
Electric Lit
Books resembling the popular 2023 film Saltburn, complete with “shifting relationships and refined settings.”