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In this week’s edition: The U.S. Senate considers AI legislation, books that changed the world, President Biden appoints an anti-book ban coordinator, a price fixing lawsuit against Amazon and the Big Five publishers gets a new court date, and The New York Times remembers longtime Simon & Schuster executive Richard E. Snyder..

U.S. Congress to Consider Two New Bills on Artificial Intelligence
Two bipartisan bills introduced in the U.S. Senate aim to address AI issues: One requires transparency in the government’s use of AI to interact with people and provides an appeals process, while the other establishes an Office of Global Competition Analysis to ensure the U.S. remains competitive in AI and other advanced technologies.

46 Books that Changed the World
Mental Floss
This book list considers several influential books that have revolutionized human perspectives and challenged conventional thinking.

Biden Administration to Appoint Anti-Book Ban Coordinator as Part of New LGBTQ Protections
CBS News
The White House unveiled new protections for LGBTQ students and families, including the establishment of an anti-book ban coordinator to combat book banning in schools, citing potential violations of federal civil laws.

Court to Hear Bids by Amazon, Publishers to Dismiss Revived Price Fixing Case
Publishers Weekly
A judge set June 22 as the date to hear arguments in the lawsuit that alleges publishers, along with Amazon, engaged in a hub-and-spoke scheme to suppress retail price competition and artificially inflate e-book prices, although the defendants argue that the claims lack evidence and are implausible.

Richard E. Snyder, 90, Dies; Drove Simon & Schuster to New Heights
The New York Times
Over the course of twenty years, Snyder’s leadership transformed a traditional and exclusive publishing industry into a profitable and diverse corporate enterprise.