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In this week’s edition: Advocacy groups express concerns about AI and call for a “time out”; publishers worry about chatbots slashing readership; a bestselling fantasy author challenges Audible; and how some activists (including a 100-year-old grandmother) are strategically bypassing book bans.

GPT-4 Poses Too Many Risks and Releases Should be Halted, AI Group Tells FTC
Ars Technica
The nonprofit Center for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Policy has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate OpenAI over GPT-4, which it calls “biased, deceptive, and a risk to privacy and public safety.”

Elon Musk and Top AI Researchers Call for Pause on “Giant AI Experiments”
Meanwhile, the Future of Life Institute published an open letter asking AI labs for at least a six-month pause.

Publishers Worry AI Chatbots Will Slash Readership
The New York Times
Could robust chatbot results replace some of the search engines that drive website traffic?

Bestselling Author Challenges Audible Over “Poor” Deal Terms
Bestselling fantasy author Brandon Sanderson has moved his projects off of Audible, citing poor treatment of authors.

School Book Bans Spur a Growing Counteroffensive
From guerilla giveaways to pop-up libraries, some activists are finding creative ways to bypass book bans.

What 100-Year Old Grace Linn Can Teach Us About Standing Up for the Freedom to Read
Book Riot
This widow of a WWII veteran, grandmother, and “craftivist” shares some of her tips for fighting book bans and censorship.