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In this week’s edition: A Florida school district is sued for banning books; a state is sued for banning TikTok; the Supreme Court rules that Andy Warhol infringed a photographer’s copyright; staffers at CNET unionize; six books that celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month; and more.

Penguin Random House, Advocates and Authors Sue Florida School District Over Book Bans
The plaintiffs are challenging the removal of several books on race and LGBTQIA+ topics from school libraries. The suit was brought in the Northern District of Florida against the Escambia County school district and its school board in Pensacola.

Book Bans: Inside the Growing Movement
Los Angeles Times
As attempts to ban or restrict books nearly doubled in 2022, the Los Angeles Times recaps and links to its many recent stories about the issue.

TikTok Users Sue Montana, Calling State Ban Unconstitutional
The New York Times
The state plans to fine TikTok for operating in the state and app stores such as Google and Apple for making the app available for download there. The ban, set to take effect January 1, 2024, is the first of its kind in the nation.

Supreme Court Sides Against Andy Warhol Foundation in Copyright Infringement Case
In a 7-2 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Andy Warhol infringed photographer Lynn Goldsmith’s copyright when he created a series of silk screen images based on one of her photographs of the late musician Prince. The case involves the right of an artist to “riff” on existing works of art.

CNET Staff Are Unionizing, Citing Editorial Independence and Use of AI Tools
The Verge
Around 100 CNET staffers, including reporters, editors, and video producers, have formed a bargaining unit to protect jobs and reputations at the tech news site. The move comes a few months after CNET came under fire for publishing AI-written articles with fake bylines and factual errors.

6 New Books to Check Out During AAPI Month
Los Angeles Times
The paper presents “a crop of buzzy books” showcasing the range and talent of Asian American and Pacific Islander voices and cultures.

Why Every Fashion Kid is Suddenly Collecting Old Books
“To attain true aesthetic clout, you need to own physical copies of vintage fashion tomes, lookbooks, and magazines—and a new generation of book dealers is here to help.”