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Taking a Closer Look at the FTC Lawsuit Against Amazon
Publishers Weekly
The FTC’s lawsuit against Amazon, unsealed in November 2023, reveals the company’s extensive use of algorithms like Project Nessie to control pricing and market dominance, impacting various industries including publishing.

Spotify’s Free Audiobook Perk Is Now Live for U.S. Premium Subscribers
The Verge
Spotify has launched its streaming audiobook service in the U.S., offering more than 200,000 titles, including works from the Big Five publishers, to its premium subscribers. The move marks a significant expansion in digital audiobook accessibility.

This School Board Made News for Banning Books. Voters Flipped It to Majority Democrat
In Pennsylvania’s Central Bucks School District, known for its contentious policies on LGBTQ issues and book bans, voters have shifted the school board’s majority from Republican to Democrat, reflecting a broader trend in several U.S. districts.

Making Audiobooks with Henry Winkler and John Stamos
The Orange County Register
Dennis Kao, a veteran in the audiobook industry, reflects on the evolution of audiobooks from their uncool beginnings on cassette tapes to a thriving industry, sharing anecdotes from his career and his passion for storytelling and learning through his work at Literati Audio.