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In this week’s edition: A poll shows most Americans haven’t used ChatGPT, a five-year high in labor strike activity, AI translations at Gizmodo, and more.

Most Americans Haven’t Used ChatGPT
Pew Research Center
Among those who have heard of ChatGPT, 24 percent say they have ever used it—amounting to 18 percent of U.S. adults overall.

Starting with Hollywood, It’s Been a Summer of Labor Strikes
New York Times
This year’s strike activity is at a five-year high, and this summer was no exception.

Gizmodo’s Owner Replaced Its Spanish Language Journalists with AI
The Verge
A journalist for Gizmodo en Español revealed that the outlet ceased operations on August 29 and will now feature articles translated by AI.

OpenAI Asks Court to Trim Authors’ Copyright Lawsuits
OpenAI denies that ChatGPT’s output constitutes “derivative works” and has requested that a federal court dismiss portions of two copyright infringement lawsuits filed by authors, including comedian Sarah Silverman.

What Does It Mean to Write After Having Children?
A mother grapples with her shifting identity as a writer after starting a family.