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US Government and 17 States Sue Amazon in Landmark Monopoly Case
The FTC brings forth a giant antitrust case.

Parent Perceptions of Public Libraries and Book Bans Survey – Report Released
Every Library Institute
Among other results, the survey revealed that 67 percent of respondents agreed that “banning books is a waste of time,” and 74 percent said that “book bans infringe on their right to make decisions for their children.”

She Challenges One School Book a Week. She Says She’ll Never Stop
Washington Post
A profile of “serial” book challenger Jennifer Petersen.

The Bestseller List Is Broken
Book Riot
The bestseller list is not as diverse as it should be.

Hollywood Writers’ Contract Deal Includes Historic AI Rules
The WGA’s new contract underscores that AI cannot autonomously create or modify literary content and that writers have the choice to use AI with their production partners’ consent but cannot be required to use it.