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Orphan Row: Now It’s Your Turn

Here’s the list, alphabetized by author, of HathiTrust’s “orphan work candidates.”  It’s current as of yesterday. We’ve removed works by institutional authors, there were just a few, and shortened some book titles to fit this on a table.  We’ve also noted three of the books that HathiTrust has recently (we think) pulled from the candidates’ list.

One of the books now off Orphan Row is “The Communist World and Ours,” by Walter Lippmann. Lippmann is probably the most famous American author with a work on the initial list, and we hadn’t tried (beyond rudimentary measures) to chase his estate down.  It appears someone noticed the name and did some research.

So have at it, Guild members and others.  See which authors and estates you can find.  Report results in comments, if you like, but be careful not to reveal private information.

The last column reports the scheduled date that the author’s literary property would be released, without permission, for downloading by hundreds of thousands of students in several states.


Ray Hamilton Abrams Preachers Present Arms (1933) Nov. 8
Franz Alexander Psychoanalytic Therapy (1946) Nov. 8
James MacGregor Apple Plant Layout and Materials Handling (1963) Nov. 8
Francesco conte Arese A Trip to the Prairies and in the Interior of North America (1934) Nov. 8
James Mark Baldwin Between Two Wars, 1861-1921, (1926) Oct. 13
Albert Bandura Adolescent Aggression (1959) Nov. 8
Dominick A. Barbara Stuttering (1954) Nov. 8
César Barja Literatura española (1933) Nov. 8

Richard Hindry Barker Marcel Proust, a Biography (1958) Nov. 8
Allan Louis Benson The Story of Geology (1931) Oct. 13
Cyril Bibby How Life is Handed On (1947) Nov. 8
Verla Leone Birrell The Book of Mormon Guide Book (1948) Nov. 30
Glenn A. Bishop Chicago’s Accomplishments and Leaders (1932) Nov. 8
Joseph Blakey Engineering Mathematics (1960) Nov. 8
Fon W. Boardman Roads (1958) Nov. 8
Theodore Bolton Early American Portrait Draughtsmen in Crayons (1923) Nov. 8
William Edgar Borah American Problems (1924) Nov. 8
James Lane Boswell The Economics of Simon Nelson Patten (1933) Nov. 8
Herbert Lloyd Bowman The Relation of Reported Preference to Performance… (1929) Nov. 8
Erick D Brand Band Instrument Repairing Manual (1946) Nov. 30
Francis Burke Brandt Advanced Thinking in American Education (1935) Nov. 8
Axel Brett A Critical Approach to an Esthetic Theory (1926) Nov. 8
Robert Browning Letters of Robert Browning (1933) Nov. 8
William Frank Bryan Sources and Analogues of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (1958) Nov. 8
Winfred Octavus Bryson Negro Life Insurance Companies (1948) Nov. 8
Dana Burnet Four Walls (1928) Nov. 8
James Branch Cabell The High Place (1923) Pulled
Genevieve A. B. Callahan The California Cook Book (1946) Nov. 30
Roderick William Cameron Shadows from India (1958) Nov. 8
Anne Campbell Back Home (1926) Oct. 13
Seraphim George Canoutas Christopher Columbus, A Greek Nobleman (1943) Nov. 8
Waddill Catchings Money, Men, and Machines (1958) Nov. 8
Raymond Lippincott Chambers Changes in Achievement (1931) Nov. 8
Siegfriend von Ciriacy-Wantrup International Cooperation on Conservation Policy (1945) Nov. 8
Ronald Clarkson Tablet Coating (1951) Nov. 8
Charles Monroe Coffin John Donne and the New Philosophy (1958) Nov. 30
William Henry Coleman A Critique of Spelling Vocabulary Investigation (1931) Nov. 8
Ira Judson Condit The Fig (1947) Nov. 8
Nelson Coon Using Wayside Plants (1958) Nov. 8
Frederick C. Copleston A History of Philosophy (1950) Nov. 8
James Gould Cozzens Confusion (1924) Oct. 13
John Frank Dame Naturalism in Education (1938) Nov. 8
Eugene De Lopatecki Typographer’s Desk Manual (1949) Nov. 8
Milo Grange Denlinger Grooming and Showing Instructions (1947) Nov. 30
Harold Corbin Downes Indicator Studies of Acids and Bases (1932) Nov. 8
Simon Dubnow An Outline of Jewish History (1925) Nov. 8
Maurice Dumesnil How to Play and Teach Debussy (1932) Nov. 8
John Riley Dungee Random Rhymes (1929) Oct. 13
John Durant Pictorial History of American Ships (1953) Oct. 13
Cynthia Eaton John Taylor Arms, Aquatinter (1923) Oct. 13
Donald Drew Egbert The Tickhill Psalter (1932) Nov. 8
Ridsdale Ellis Patent Claims (1949) Nov. 30
Il’i.a. Erenburg The Stormy Life of Lasik Roitschwantz (1960) Oct. 13
Eleanor Farjeon Portrait of a Family (1936) Nov. 8
Carroll Lane Fenton Prehistoric world (1954) Nov. 8
William Benjamin Fite Lectures at the Galois Institute of Mathematics (1930) Nov. 8
James Augustine Fitzgerald Methods and Curricula in Elementary Education (1955) Nov. 8
Denna Frank Fleming The United States and the League of Nations (1932) Nov. 8
Milford Flood Artic Journal, and Other Works (1950) Oct. 13
Richard Fondiller Elston (1924) Nov. 8
Richard Allen Foster The School in American Literature (1930) Nov. 8
W. Nelson Francis The Structure of American English (1958) Nov. 30
Philipp Frank Die Differential (1943) Nov. 8
Stanislao Gallo The Modern Band (1935) Nov. 8
Richard Gerstell How to Survive an Atomic Bomb (1950) Nov. 8
Charles Nelson Glaab The American City (1963) Nov. 8
James Glasgow Muskegon, Michigan (1939) Nov. 8
Eugene Lodewick Grant Principles of Engineering Economy (1950) Nov. 8
Franz Grillparzer King Ottocar, His Rise and Fall (1938) Nov. 8
John Alexander Hammerton Wonders of the Past (1952) Oct. 13
William Morehouse Harlow Fruit Key to Northeastern Trees (1947) Nov. 8
Francis Stuart Harmon The Command is Forward (1944) Nov. 8
Hornell Norris Hart Personality and the Family (1941) Nov. 8
Charles E. Hendrix The Cave Book (1950) Nov. 8
Paul Honoré Color Light and Vision (1938) Nov. 8
Sidney Hook American Philosophers at Work (1956) Oct. 13
John S. Hooper Poetry in the New Curriculum (1932) Oct. 13
Charles F. Horne Source Records of the Great War (1923) Oct. 13
John Tasker Howard Stephen Foster, America’s Troubadour (1939) Nov. 30
Omar Khayyam The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám (1942) Nov. 30
J. Kirschbaum Flikh_linge un heldn (1940) Nov. 8
Joseph Kittredge The Interrelations of Habitat… (1938) Nov. 8
Elizabeth P. Lam The Place of Marx in Christian Thought (1939) Nov. 8
George Mamishisho Lamsa New Testament Commentary… (1945) Nov. 8
Mildred M. Landis Meaningful Art Education (1951) Nov. 8
Harry Langman Play Mathematics (1962) Oct. 13
Ruth Webb Lee Antique Fakes and Reproductions (1938) Nov. 8
Robert Stell Lemmon The Best Loved Trees of America (1952) Nov. 30
Gaston Leroux The Octopus of Paris (1927) Pulled
Jacob Lestschinsky Dos so.e.ishe (1941) Nov. 8
Lloyd Lewis Myths After Lincoln (1941) Nov. 8
James J. Lingane Innovations in Electroanalytical Chemistry (1953) Nov. 8
Walter Lippmann The Communist World and Ours (1959) Pulled
Max Loehr Buddhist Thought and Imagery (1961) Nov. 8
Robert Lohan Speaking and Speeches (1947) Nov. 8
Sándor Lorand Technique of Psychoanalytic Therapy (1946) Nov. 8
Irving Lorge Psychology of Adults (1963) Nov. 8
Andrew Nelson Lytle Bedford Forrest and his Critter Company (1931) Nov. 8
Douglas Malloch The Heart Content, “Lyrics of Life” (1927) Nov. 30
Gladys Malvern Good Troupers all: The Story of Joseph Jefferson (1945) Oct. 13
Thomas Clifford Mann Over their Dead Bodies (1962) Oct. 13
Jacques Maritain Liturgy and Contemplation (1960) Nov. 8
Agnes Lewis Marsh The Dance in Education (1924) Nov. 8
Charles David Mattern Personal Freedom Within the Third Antinomy (1941) Nov. 8
Claude Searcy McIver William Somerset Maugham (1936) Nov. 8
Vernon McKenzie Behind the Headlines (1931) Oct. 13
Marie A Mehl Teaching in Elementary School (1950) Oct. 13
Ivan Mikha_lov Stalin and the Macedonian Question (1948) Nov. 8
André Missenard In Search of Our Man (1957) Nov. 8
Russell Franklin Moore Readings in Oriental Philosophies (1951) Nov. 8
William Henry Morton Everyday Problems of the Elementary School Teacher (1930) Nov. 8
Archibald Jamieson Nichol Partial Monopoly and Price Leadership (1930) Nov. 8
Kathryn Alling Ordman What People Say (1955) Nov. 30
Victor Wilfred Pagé Modern Aviation Engines (1929) Nov. 8
Nettie Wolcott Park Mehitabel (1946) Nov. 30
John Park Afwillite (1925) Nov. 8
Richard Pattee The Case of Cardinal Aloysius Stepinac (1953) Nov. 8
Edmund Lester Pearson More Studies in Murder (1936) Nov. 8
L. A. Pennington An Introduction to Clinical Psychology (1954) Nov. 8
Alvah Peterson Larvae of Insects (1948) Nov. 30
José Pijoán An Outline History of Art (1938) Oct. 13
Fletcher Pratt Stanton, Lincoln’s Secretary of War (1953) Nov. 8
John Clagett Proctor Washington, Past and Present (1930) Nov. 8
John Quinn John Quinn, 1870-1925 (1926) Nov. 8
Francis X. Quinn The Ethical Aftermath of Automation (1962) Nov. 8
Frank Prentice Rand Doctor Ben of Butter Hill (1923) Oct. 13
Cecil B. Read Articles on the History of Mathematics (1952) Nov. 8
Constance Rinehart Autographed Copy (1951) Nov. 8
E. R. Root Lecture on Bees (1925) Oct. 13
Arthur J. Roth The Shame of Our Wounds (1961) Nov. 8
Charles Ferdinand Rudmann The Oxidation of Methane (1929) Nov. 8
J. R. Salamanca The Lost Country (1958) Nov. 8
William Sansom South, Aspects and Images from Corsica, Italy… (1950) Nov. 8
John Henry Schaffner Field Manual of the Flora of Ohio and Adjacent Territory (1928) Nov. 30
Elizabeth Hough Sechrist Heigh-ho for Halloween! (1948) Nov. 8
Wilbur Spencer Sheriff Religion and Ethics (1933) Nov. 8
Hardy Lomax Shirley The Influence of Light Intensity and Light Quality… (1929) Nov. 8
Osvald Sirén Chinese Paintings (1956) Nov. 8
Eugene Hulse Sloane Robert Gould (1940) Nov. 8
Henry Justin Smith It’s the Way It’s Written (1923) Nov. 8
Phebe Estelle Spalding Through Nature to Eternity, A Shakespearean Meditation (1933) Oct. 13
Tirupasoor Venkata Subba Rao Studies in Indian Music (1962) Nov. 30
Elmer George Suhr Venus de Milo, the Spinner (1958) Oct. 13
Samuel Aaron Tannenbaum Ben Jonson (1938) Nov. 30
Burton Wakeman Taylor Status Mobility (1936) Nov. 8
Paul W. Thompson Modern Battle (1941) Nov. 30
Ye_iel Yeshaia Trunk Zikhroynes un bilder (1944) Nov. 8
Roger Rilus Walterhouse Bret Harte, Joaquin Miller, and the Western… (1939) Nov. 8
Harvey Weiss Pencil, Pen and Brush (1961) Nov. 30
Harry B. Weiss American Letter-Writers, 1698-1943, (1945) Nov. 8
Elva Williams Night in A Rented Room (1939) Oct. 13
Helen Van Pelt Wilson Perennials for Every Garden (1953) Oct. 13
Hugh Bernard Wood Foundations of Curriculum Planning and Development (1960) Nov. 8
Robert M. Zingg A Reconstruction of Uto-Aztekan History (1937) Nov. 8