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In this week’s issue, Mike Healy of the Copyright Clearance Center talks about copyright developments around the world; Graywolf Press’ Fiona McCrae steps down after 27 years; sexual consent in today’s romance novels; 850 books a Texas lawmaker wants banned; why too many readers on Twitter confuse a novel’s content with what the author believes; bad publishing trends that have to go; and more.

Graywolf Press Publisher Fiona McCrae to Retire
Publishers Weekly
After 27 years in which McCrae elevated Graywolf Press to one of the most prestigious literary presses in the nation, the publisher is stepping down.

Covid-19 Skeptics, Publisher Sue Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Publishers Weekly
Chelsea Green and the authors of the controversial anti-vaccine book The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal have filed suit against Sen. Warren for sending a letter to Amazon questioning why the company’s algorithm was promoting the book so highly given the inaccuracy of the information it includes.

World Copyright Highlights Late 2021
Publishing Perspectives
Michael Healy of the Copyright Clearance Center which ensures U.S. authors get paid for their work digitally reproduced in other countries talks about some of the major copyright legislation pending around the world.

What Does Consent Look Like In Romance Novels Today?
Book Riot
Despite stereotypes about women being abducted and taken against their will, authors focus heavily on the idea of mutual consent in today’s romance novels.

It’s Time to Let These Publishing Trends Die
Book Riot
A review of some of the more questionable decisions publishers (and authors) make in the name of selling more books.

Twitter is the Worst Reader
The award-winning sci-fi author Fonda Lee explores how readers, particularly Twitter users, don’t understand that fiction authored by a writer may not necessarily be the sum of all of that writer’s beliefs and values.

The Paradox of Choice
Washington Post Book Club
The nonprofit journal n+1 has just launched Bookmatch, where in exchange for a donation of any size, n+1 presents a web questionnaire to determine your literary tastes and then comes back with a list of 10 book recommendations.

All 850 Books Texas Lawmaker Matt Krause Wants to Ban: An Analysis
Book Riot
Following the passage of the so-called anti-critical race theory law in Texas that bans teaching any materials that could mean “an individual should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress on account of the individual’s race or sex,” Texas lawmaker Matt Krause wants to remove 850 books from public school libraries out of concern for (mostly white, straight) students “discomfort,” including books that teach students about their civil rights, and ironically a book about burning books.