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authors guild weekly round up july 20 2017

Our round-up of key news affecting authors. In this week’s edition: Interpreting the Freelance Isn’t Free Act, making your writing sessions more productive, and more…

Rules Interpreting Freelance Isn’t Free Act Impose Additional Obligations on Businesses Working with NYC Freelancers

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

On May 1, 2017, the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs released new rules that further protect freelancers in New York City under the Freelance Isn’t Free Act (the “Act”). The rules extend protection under the Act to freelancers regardless of their immigration status and prohibit the use of certain contractual terms, including waivers to the right to participate in class or collective actions, waivers to procedural rights in a civil or administrative action, and confidentiality provisions that would preclude disclosure of contract information to the Director of the New York City Office of Labor Standards.

Federal Court Finds in Favour of Writers’ Rights

The Writers’ Union of Canada

Writers and publishers scored a major victory in Canada following a Canadian federal court’s decision in Access Copyright v. York University. The July 12 decision invalidated the university’s self-created fair dealing guidelines (the equivalent of the U.S.’s fair use doctrine) and ordered the university to pay royalties, essentially declaring fair dealing’s broad educational exceptions—which had decimated publishing industry revenue—to be illegitimate.

Indigo Eyes U.S. Expansion

Publishers Weekly

Indigo Books & Music, a successful Canadian bookstore chain with a new concept, is reportedly looking into the U.S. market for expansion. The company’s executive vice president of print and chief strategy officer described the new concept as “a book lover’s cultural department store,” which offers books alongside non-book items in equal measure.

11 Apps and Tools to Make Your Writing Sessions More Productive

Penguin Random House

In today’s highly saturated web- and screen-driven culture, it can be harder than ever to cut the distractions and get back to working on your latest project. Phillip Stamper-Halpin at Penguin Random House has got you covered with these 11 apps and tools to keep you focused while writing.

Jacqueline Wilson on Getting Children to Read, Escapism and Inspiring Books

The Independent

The 71-year-old bestselling author of over 100 novels, best known for The Story of Tracy Beaker series, discusses the importance of early reading and her latest initiative partnering with the budget airline Easyjet.

So You’ve Decided to Write: Take Advantage of Your Insomnia

Literary Hub

Brilliant mid-night ideas keeping you awake? Terry McDonnell of Literary Hub discusses channeling your insomnia into a productive writing habit to get the most out of your late-night muse.

So You’re an Author Without a Social Media Presence: Now What?

Jane Friedman offers up some advice for authors who don’t have a social media presence but have a book launch coming up. (And for a more in-depth take on social media, members can log in here to view Jane Friedman’s latest webinar: Social Media for Authors 101.)

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