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weekly round up may 18 - authors guild

Our round-up of key news affecting authors. In this week’s edition: the senate votes to save net neutrality, trademarking the word “cocky” and more…

Researchers Uncover Two Hidden Pages in Anne Frank’s Diary

The New York Times

Using new digital technologies, researchers have uncovered two hidden pages in Anne Frank’s diary written on September 28, 1942, when she was 13 years old.

James Patterson Opens Holiday Bookstore Bonus Program for 2018

American Booksellers Association

For the fifth year in a row, James Patterson is partnering with the American Booksellers Association to distribute holiday bonuses to indie booksellers.

Tom Wolfe Obituary: A Great Dandy, in Elaborate Dress and Neon-Lit Prose

The Guardian

Journalist and bestselling novelist Tom Wolfe has died at age 88.

Meet the Woman Bringing a Book Festival to the Bronx


Book publicist and South Bronx native Saraciea Fennell is bringing the first-ever book festival to the Bronx. The grassroots festival will take place this Saturday and will feature a variety of authors, including Daniel Jose Older, Elizabeth Acevedo, and Authors Guild Council member Pat Cummings.

Are Ebooks Dying or Thriving? The Answer Is Yes


“They don’t often get nominated for huge book prizes, noticed by The New York Times book review, or endorsed by the president. But over the past seven years, self-published books—predominantly sold as ebooks—have offered a rare avenue through which writers can make a living just from writing, as opposed to speaking, teaching, and/or consulting.”

ISPs and Ajit Pai Are Really Sad About Senate’s Vote for Net Neutrality

Ars Technica

The Senate voted to overturn the repeal of net neutrality, which would return the internet back to Obama era regulations. However, to go into effect, the House of Representatives will have to vote to restore net neutrality.

How Jessica Knoll Is Changing What It Means to Be a Successful Author

Entertainment Weekly

“‘It’s a legitimate question, why books by men swing both ways whereas if it’s a book about a woman’s life it’s going to be marketed almost entirely to women,’ says Knoll. ‘Part of me is like, well the way we did it worked, and women are the consumer. More women read than men and more women go to movies than men. I still think that there is this really archaic notion that women’s everyday lives aren’t interesting to anyone but other women and it’s just not true.’”

How an Author Trademarking the Word “Cocky” Turned the Romance Novel Industry Inside Out


Romance writer Faleena Hopkins registered a trademark on the word “cocky” in connection with “a series of books in the field of romance.” She then wrote to other romance writers insisting that they change their titles, as well as to Amazon, which resulted in Amazon suspending the sale of books with “infringing” titles.