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authors guild weekly round-up

Our round-up of key news affecting authors. In this week’s edition: Self-publishing your first novel, comics are big business, and more…

Which Country Reads the Most? A Guide to Global Reading Habits

Digital Book World

Global Digital Reading put together an infographic of reading habits around the world.

Self-Publishing a Debut Literary Novel: The Actions, the Costs, the Results

Nicole Dieker, freelancer and novelist, takes you through her process of marketing and promoting her self-published debut novel.

Investor Urges B&N to Find a Buyer

Publishers Weekly

Sandell Asset Management Corp., which says it has a meaningful stake in Barnes & Noble, urged the company’s board of directors to consider operating as a private company or under the wing of a larger company. Barnes & Noble’s share price on Monday was 36% lower than it was at the beginning of the year, and Sandell, the self-described “private, alternative asset management firm” believes selling the company might best serve the needs of Barnes & Noble’s stakeholders.

How to Boost Your Reach with Newsletter Segmentation

Penguin Random House

Cassie Spencer of Penguin Random House breaks down marketing strategies using newsletter segmentation. The article discusses some interesting ways to divide up newsletters in your email marketing campaigns based on your subscribers’ interest or activity.

Yes, Some Comics Are for Kids—and They’re Big Business


Petra Mayer at NPR discusses the reemergence of comics for kids and their unexpected recent success in the publishing industry. The article includes interviews from a children’s classroom teacher, a New York Times best-selling comic book author, and a publisher from comic book giant DC Entertainment.

Democrats Are Finally Waking Up to the Monopoly Problem


Democratic leaders on Monday unveiled a new economic agenda promising to crack down on corporate monopolies and, among other things, stop the exploitation of existing market power. (See related article below.)

Democrats’ ‘Better Deal’ Is Silent on Google, Facebook, and Amazon

Bloomberg Businessweek

When rolling out their “Better Deal” agenda (see related article above) House and Senate democrats failed to specifically call out Internet monopolies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.


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