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Weekly Round-Up: September 7, 2018

Weekly round up - the authors guild

Weekly round up - the authors guild

Our round-up of key news affecting authors. In this week’s edition: Classic novels get an Instagram makeover, the self-publishing path for you, and more…

Publishers Puzzled, Frustrated by Parneros Lawsuit
Publishers Weekly
“Whatever the merits of the case, publishers said it is clear that the time has come for B&N to find new leadership, either by a sale of the company or finding a CEO with a new vision for the company.”

The Self-Publishing Path: It’s Often Anything But ‘Self’
Writer’s Digest
From full-service to do-it-yourself, key considerations when choosing which self-publishing path is right for you.

Trump’s Tariffs on Canadian Newsprint Are Overturned
The New York Times
“The unanimous decision by the five-member body eliminates tariffs that have been in effect since January, handing a win to small and medium-size newspapers, which have struggled to absorb the cost of higher newsprint and have made cuts, including layoffs, as a result.”

New Report: American Teens Spend Less Time Reading
Publishing Perspectives
“Think about how difficult it must be to read even five pages of an 800-page college textbook,” professor Jean M.Twenge says, “when you’ve been used to spending most of your time switching between one digital activity and another in a matter of seconds. It really highlights the challenges students and faculty both face in the current era.”

Now You Can Read Entire Books on Instagram Thanks to the New York Public Library’s ‘Insta Novels’
The New York Public Library has launched a project called Insta Novels in which it posts classic novels to its Instagram account, in the form of Instagram stories. The project is described as a “reimagining of Instagram Stories to provide a new platform for iconic stories.”