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weekly roundup - the authors guild

Our round-up of key news affecting authors. In this week’s edition: EU adopts new online copyright bill, how to simplify your literary journal submissions, and more…

EU Adopts Tough New Online Copyright Bill
SF Gate
“European Union lawmakers approved a copyright bill Tuesday to give writers and artists more protection of their creative rights and incomes.”

Do We Still Need the Nobel Prize in Literature?
Electric Literature
“This week the Nobel Foundation announced that it will award two prizes for literature in 2019. It is also taking steps to address some of the issues raised by the Arnault scandal.”

The Best Bookstores in All 50 States
Mental Floss
“From their resident cats to that old book smell, there’s something about wandering up and down the aisles of a brick-and-mortar bookstore that online merchants could never replicate.”

Librarian of Congress Names Karyn Temple Register of Copyrights
Publishers Weekly
“Temple had been serving as Acting Register of Copyrights since October, 2016, when Hayden abruptly removed the previous Register, Maria Pallante (now the president and CEO of the Association of American Publishers).”

Simplify Your Submissions to Literary Journals
Jane Friedman
“Now, we’ve all repeated the mantras ‘Rejections are par for the course’ and ‘It’s all about patience and persistence,’ both of which are essential reminders of our precarious creative endeavor. But how does one go about submitting? Despite the subjective nature of editorial preferences, there are solid strategies to increase journal acceptances.”

Netflix Seeks Dismissal of ‘Bandersnatch’ Trademark Suit    
Publishers Weekly
“Among its defenses, the company says its use of the term “Choose Your Own Adventure” in connection with the film is a fair use.”

Philip Roth’s Apartment is on Sale for 3.2 Million Dollars
Electric Literature
“The listing for Roth’s apartment is so full of his personal details that it practically reads like a passage from one of his books.”