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Who Owns the Word? Part One: Journalism

Discussion series presented by the Authors Guild and the New York Public Library.

Watch Richard Russo, Bill Grueskin, Liesl Schillinger, and Will Slauter examine the perils and possibilities for journalists in the digital age.

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Who Owns the Word? is a three-part series that explores the impact that declining wages for full-time book authors, journalists, and television and screenwriters and questions regarding content ownership, copyright laws, censorship, and quality control have on the future of American culture and intellectual discourse. What is the future for the profession of writing and why does it matter? The series kicks off with a focus on authorship in journalism—examining the perils and possibilities for journalists in the digital age—and the role institutions and corporations can play in sustaining freedom of expression on which a democratic society relies. Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and short story writer Richard Russo moderates the panel, which includes Liesl Schillinger, a media critic and translator; Bill Grueskin, Professor of Professional Practice at Columbia Journalism School; and Will Slauter, Associate Professor at Université Paris Diderot and author of the upcoming book Who Owns the News? A History of Copyright.