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Attract More Readers and Sell More Books: How to Promote Your Own Book (Without Feeling Sleazy)

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You’ve published, or you’re about to publish, a book. Now what? Like it or not, an author’s job isn’t done once the book releases, so let’s look at how to promote a new release or put life back into a book that’s been out for a while. Using some basic principles of marketing, we’ll look at how to craft a marketing plan that raises awareness and makes the sale, based on your own unique strengths and audience. We’ll talk about how to use (and when to ignore) traditional and popular marketing tools like press releases, giveaways, events, advertising, contests, reviews, awards, and more. Plus, we’ll highlight a few counter-intuitive and unusual marketing strategies that really work. Whether you’re traditional or self-publishing, you’ll walk away with new ideas and a framework to wrap them around.

Panelist: Beth Jusino