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Scandal, Deception, and the Last Days of Robert Indiana

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Bob Keyes has been a journalist for four decades. He is an award-winning, nationally recognized arts writer and storyteller with specialties in American visual arts and the contemporary culture of New England. Keyes has written about arts and culture for the Portland Press Herald and Maine Sunday Telegram since 2002. In his new book, The Isolation Artist: Scandal, Deception, and the Last Days of Robert Indiana, Keyes tells a fast-paced and riveting story that provides a rare inside look into the life of an artist as well as the often, too often, unscrupulous world of high-end art. In this special conversation, Bob Keyes and the Authors Guild Foundation executive director, Lynn Boulger, discuss the bizarre true story of the artist’s final days, the aftermath, the deceptive world that surrounded him, and the inner workings of art as very big business.