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AI models like ChatGPT owe their existence to the countless books, articles, essays, journalism, and other written works that are incorporated in the very fabric of the software. Using these original works in AI technologies without compensation or credit is inherently unfair, and potentially devastating for the writing profession.

In response, the Authors Guild is asking members to sign an Open Letter to Generative AI Leaders calling on the CEOs of OpenAI, Alphabet, Meta, Stability AI, and IBM to compensate writers fairly for the use of copyrighted materials in their generative AI programs. Among other things, we seek to create a licensing solution that will bring money back to writers whose works are used on an ongoing basis.

As you may know, the Guild has been working non-stop on issues surrounding the impact of generative AI on the writing community, and this is just one of many efforts to continue to move that work forward. Thank you for helping us put forth a unified voice of writers seeking the basic principles of fairness and compensation.

If you’re interested in learning more about this matter, we’ve produced a list of FAQs here.

Click here to read the open letter and add your name.