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Copyright Claims Board: What Authors & Agents Should Know

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Authors and literary agents now have an affordable and practical solution to resolve copyright infringement claims of up to $15,000 per claim. Established by the CASE Act, the new Copyright Claims Board (CCB) is a tribunal within the U.S. Copyright Office. You do not need to hire an attorney to use the CCB, and the Authors Guild can assist you in the process.

This webinar will address:

  • Who can file a claim with the CCB
  • The types of claims that can be heard by the CCB
  • The steps of filing a small copyright claim
  • The opt-out process for respondents
  • What to expect if your claim moves forward
  • How the Authors Guild can assist its members


Terrica Carrington, Vice President, Legal Policy and Copyright Counsel at the Copyright Alliance

Whitney Levandusky, Supervisory Attorney-Advisor, Copyright Claims Board, U.S. Copyright Office

Pamela Malpas, Chair of the Copyright Committee, Association of American Literary Agents

Moderated by Mary Rasenberger, CEO, Authors Guild and Authors Guild Foundation