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Your next book launch is a momentous occasion for you, but your publisher’s marketing and publicity team likely does not have the bandwidth or resources to give every single title the attention it deserves. Authors are often told to use some of their advance to hire a publicist, which can range dramatically in price without ever guaranteeing results.

Considering the enormous popularity of social media and its ability to help sell books, authors might consider working with an influencer marketing partner to help navigate this new frontier of book promotion. Marketing partners can help you get your book into the hands of BookTok influencers, build strategic partnerships with companies, or find your place in the world of virtual book clubs. Mackenzie Newcomb is the founder of Top Shelf Book Consulting, a marketing agency that partners with authors to expand the reach of their books. In conversation with Money Matters host Erin Lowry, she’ll discuss what it means to hire a marketing partner for your next book launch.


Mackenzie Newcomb is the founder of Top Shelf Book Consulting, a marketing agency that works in partnership with authors to expand the reach of their books on social media. Prior to that, she created Bad Bitch Book Club, a virtual book club with over 25,000 members worldwide. Her expertise ranges from retreat and event planning to influencer marketing outreach. Originally from the South Shore of Massachusetts, Mackenzie lives in Manhattan with her husband and 6-month-old son. 

Erin Lowry is the author of the four-part Broke Millennial series, including: Broke MillennialBroke Millennial Takes On Investing and Broke Millennial Talks Money and her soon-to-be-published Broke Millennial Workbook: Take Control and Get Your Financial Life Together. Erin’s been featured in The New York TimesWall Street Journal, and on CBS Sunday Morning, CNBC and The Rachael Ray Show. She has written for The New York TimesUSA Today, and is a columnist for Bloomberg Opinion. She publishes a twice-weekly Substack newsletter called Broke Millennial with Erin Lowry.