If you love literature, please help us support the talented, dedicated authors who create it. The Authors Guild Foundation is the sole group of its kind dedicated to empowering all U.S. authors. We fight for authors’ rights and equip them with knowledge of the business to ensure that a rich, diverse body of literature can flourish in the United States.

A donation of any amount is meaningful, and there are creative ways to support the Authors Guild Foundation if you are not in a position to give today.

One-Time Donation

Your gift will support our advocacy work on behalf of all authors, our public educational programs, and our efforts to maintain a sustainable publishing ecosystem at a time when authors’ rights, copyrights, free expression, and creative content are being challenged on so many fronts, and few authors are able to support their families anymore on writing alone.

Monthly Gift

To sustain our ongoing efforts, you can select a “Recurring” gift to automatically renew your gift on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis with an end date of your choosing.

Other Giving Options

The Giving Society

The Authors Guild Foundation Giving Society was created to give appropriate recognition to those special friends who contribute at the highest levels to the Foundation. The importance of annual giving is critical to the mission and ongoing operations of the Authors Guild. Such support advances our ability to advocate for writers, protect creative freedom, and promote a robust and diverse literary culture in America.

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The Authors Legacy Society

Be remembered as a champion of literature by joining the Authors Legacy Society. Whether it is naming the Authors Guild Foundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or gifting other liquid or non-liquid assets, we encourage you to consult with your financial advisor to discuss the options.

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Copyright Bequeathment

Authors can leave the copyrights to their works to the Authors Guild Foundation, allowing us to manage all or part of your literary estate. We actively seek to re-publish and license film rights to the works we manage, so your literary legacy can live on while benefiting our charitable work.

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Appreciated Stocks, Securities, or Real Estate

A gift of appreciated, long-term capital gain securities or real estate to the Authors Guild Foundation can provide even greater tax benefits to the donor than a gift of cash. In addition to receiving a charitable deduction for the fair market value of such a gift, the donor also escapes any capital gains tax and the sales commission that would be payable on the sale.

To discuss with our executive director, please call 212-563-5904.

Qualified Charitable Distributions

If you have an IRA or other retirement account, you’re required to take a required minimum distribution (RMD) from it every year after you turn 70 or 72 (depending on the type of account), and that distribution is usually taxable. But you can avoid paying taxes on it by donating a portion or all of that RMD to just about any charitable 501(c)3 organization via what’s known as a qualified charitable distribution (QCD).

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