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Authors Guild Stands with Liberation Station: Condemning Harassment and Threats Against the Black-Owned Bookstore

Liberation Station, Raleigh, NC

The Authors Guild strongly condemns the harassment and death threats that have targeted the owners of Liberation Station, the first Black-owned children’s bookstore in Raleigh, North Carolina. The store, opened by Victoria Scott-Miller and her husband Duane Miller in June 2023, sought to create an environment where Black children can find books that reflect their own experiences and identities.  

Starting in September 2023, the family has been receiving death threats, including a disturbing phone call detailing what their son Langston was wearing when he was alone at the shop. In response, the owners had to frequently change their operating hours and take turns overseeing the store to ensure their safety. We understand that the police are investigating the matter. 

Unfortunately, these attacks have been (at least temporarily) successful, since Liberation Station’s owners have announced their intention to close and move the store to another location. This sad news signals how we must continue to fight efforts to stifle marginalized voices.

These actions not only hurt the bookstore and its patrons, but the literary community at large. They demean literature and the crucial importance of diverse storytelling that represents the voices of all Americans.

We hope that the bookstore will be able to reopen soon in another location, and that people will continue to support it, both in person and online