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National Book Foundation Expands Eligibility Criteria for National Book Awards

The Authors Guild applauds the National Book Foundation for expanding the eligibility criteria for the prestigious National Book Awards. By including authors who maintain their primary long-term residence in the United States, regardless of citizenship status, these awards will now more fully reflect the richness and diversity of American literature.

As the National Book Foundation stated, “We believe in the value of all stories, and it is our hope that by further opening our existing submissions process, the National Book Awards will be more reflective of the US literary landscape and better able to recognize the immense literary contributions of authors that consider the United States their home.”

We could not agree more. Many gifted writers from immigrant communities have made incredible contributions to American letters. It is fitting that prizes bearing the name ‘National Book Awards’ honor the achievements of all Americans.

This decision aligns with the Authors Guild’s mission to support all professional writers in the United States and ensure their creative work is valued. We commend the National Book Foundation for taking this step toward a more inclusive definition of American literature.