Application for Authors Guild Launchpad: Book Marketing & Publicity Program

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Application deadline: Friday, June 16, 2023

The Authors Guild is excited to announce a pilot session of a new member benefit designed to help with one of the toughest parts of being an author: marketing and publicity!

An initial pilot session of Authors Guild Launchpad will take place this fall for authors of books coming out in 2024. The program will include special webinars, small group workshops, and one-on-one advice from marketing and publicity experts.

Beginning in September and running through November, the pilot session will include:

  • Six webinars with experts covering the foundations of book marketing and publicity
  • Small group workshops to offer more focused planning and feedback for each book
  • Checklists, guides, examples, and other written resources
  • An online forum for participants to share experiences

Authors will be guided through the publication process, learning best practices and creative possibilities for helping launch their book into the world. Webinars and workshops will be directed by leading publishing professionals from across the industry.

Note: Participation in this pilot session will be limited. We apologize in advance if you apply but are not selected. Based on member feedback and what we learn from the pilot, we plan to open additional sessions in the future and possibly create a new member service to help with book promotion.

Criteria for Applying

  • Current member of the Authors Guild (non-members may apply, but must join to participate)
  • A confirmed book release date in 2024
  • Availability to participate in Wednesday sessions in September, October, and November 2023
  • Additionally, authors will be selected to create a few small groups based on genre or otherwise having similar marketing needs (i.e., small groups will be determined based on the applications we receive)

Participants will be expected to provide feedback after the program ends, to help us shape future marketing and publicity programming. We hope to hold another round of the program soon after the first ends. All members will have access to recordings of the large-group webinars and the program’s resource library.

Please send questions or feedback to

Fall 2023 Launchpad Application

Application deadline: Friday, June 16, 2023

Applications for the Fall 2023 pilot session are now closed. Please contact us at if you have any questions, or stay tuned for future announcements.